Home Windmills, a Historic Way to Harness the Wind

When you hear about all the new wind farms going up and the controversy they create it seems that this is a new concept. What was once called a windmill has transformed into what we now know is a wind turbine. Where did these windmills start in history and how have they been used through the ages? Just as now, home windmills we're an important part of life.

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The first windmill was probably built in Persia in around 500 to 900 AD to make the task of grinding grain easier. Before the windmills we're invented they had to use muscle to do the job.


It is believed that the windmill was actually invented in China and that country should have the title of first windmill instead of Persia. There is documentation that dates back to 1219 AD as being when the first windmill was used for grinding grain and pumping water.


Why is Holland known for windmills? When the windmills started being used in Europe the Dutch we're determined to make a better tower windmill. They improved the sails and the mechanics. They also made the tower into the home of the windsmith and his family. These are the neat windmills that you think of today with the large sails and the windows.


Windmills in America have been used on farms for a long time. I'm sure you have seen a farm windmill that is used for pumping or aerating water. I believe one can be seen at the beginning of the Wizard of Oz. If it isn't then it should be. Windmills are a very common sight on farms and ranches.

Now All over the World

Windmills have become the sleeker and more efficient wind turbines. Some of the same mechanical components are used in turbine aircraft. Don't you just love modern technology? There are whole towns in rural Africa powered by a single wind turbine, in Scotland people use these turbines to power there homes where the electric lines don't go, and in America and Europe people are using windmills and wind turbines as an alternative power source. Is a home windmill for you?

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