5 Training Accessories to Push Your Workout to the Next Level

Whether you've hit a plateau or are looking for new ways to rev up your workout, these accessories are guaranteed to push your workouts to the next level. These days we are spoiled for choice. There are hundreds of companies shipping very cool and needed accessories. We have compiled some our favorites:

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1. Compression Clothing

Apart from looking ridiculously awesome, compression clothing is more than just a tight shirt or pair of pants. These pieces have been specifically designed to fit more snug in some areas while being looser in others to increase circulation. Those who have worn compression clothing during a workout have said that they've noticed a reduction in muscle soreness, as well as an increase in their recovery time.

2. Insoles

The insoles included in the vast majority of trainers out there just aren't built for the long haul. Fortunately, there are a number of different types of insoles out there for runners to choose from, such as:

  • Cushioned: Best for those who run mostly on concrete or who want more cushioning in his or her shoe
  • Stability: Best for those who need that extra arch support or who over-pronate.
  • Custom Insoles & Orthotics: Ideal for those who are performing specialized tasks, or for those with chronic foot problems.

3. Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors, or HRMs, are becoming a staple item at the gym. Not only do todays HRMs tell you how many calories you burned in your workout, but they also allow you to keep track of just how hard you pushed yourself every day. HRMs are ideal if you want to find and then maintain the intensity of your workout necessary for you to reach your fitness goals. Some other benefits include:

  • Enable you to exercise safely and without pushing yourself too hard
  • Inspire you to work harder and for longer

4. Resistance Bands

Not only are resistance bands a budget-friendly way to get a customized full-body workout, but they can easily be swapped out and changed as your fitness level improves. Most resistance bands come in three different levels light, medium and heavy but you can further increase or decrease the resistance yourself by reducing or increasing the slack on the band, or by combining multiple bands.

TIP: Want to add some resistance to your run? Try running with a speed chute next time you're doing laps around the track!

5. Weighted Vest

The intensity of any workout can immediately be kicked up a notch with a weighted vest. Most vests allow you to adjust the amount of weight placed on your body so that you can still be in full control of how much more quickly you:

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