Learning English Grammar in a Foreign Country

LEARNING English is surely one interesting way to get to know other people in other countries and ultimately be profitable through it. If you're in the United States, there's no need to learn English here because it is splashed everywhere and even though you're a Latino, it can easily be accumulated in your culture. Heck, you'll eventually even acquire the twang too.

But in other countries, it's entirely a different story. Take Canada for example. Half of the country speak English, the other half speak French. Thus, French folks need to converge and integrate themselves with the English-speaking people for the economy to move forward. Providing translators for the two different-speaking peoples may be lucrative for the translators but bad for the economy. It is just a hassle and not meant to move things forward.

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Thus, residents in Quebec need to speak English. They often go to Toronto and enroll at language institutions there. The tuition may be a little bit steeper but this is just a little price to pay as compared to the profits that you will eventually reap once you have closed deals with an English-speaking person who may not even come from Toronto but as far as the United States, England, Ireland and Australia.

A typical English language course is up to six months long or the equivalent of one academic semester. In this classroom-type of instruction, students are grouped together in pairs to serve as learning buddies. On the first day of school, they are asked to write down an essay all in English. They are asked to recite too. The essays and recitations become lengthy as the weeks pass. Students are also assigned language partners. These language partners communicate together online. A students language partner just comes from Toronto itself. He or she is also curious to learn French that is why that person is enrolled in the language school as a language partner.

Or if you do not like the language partner scheme, then there is the immersion scheme. A family in Toronto will adopt you during your entire six-month enrollment at the language school. The family will help you cope with your progress in acquiring English grammar and will teach you the correct enunciation. They will also introduce to you more vocabularies in the English language and all the nuances that are connected to it. The host family will then immerse you in huge crowds around Toronto for you to be really assimilated with the language. Once you've made out some of the conversation snippets, you may well already have some command of the English grammar.

The extra excursion added to this scheme is the existence of tours around Toronto. Your host family will tour you around all the beauty spots of the country as well as guide you in the leisure activities that you may be interested. Expenses incurred in these extra-curricular activities are obviously charged to you in the form of tuition in the language academy. But if you prefer to have a less expensive form of learning the right English grammar, then how about doing it as a self-review?

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