How To Sell Your Aircraft For Sale Online

When you are ready to list your aircraft for sale, make sure you take full use of the many online resources that can help advertise your aircraft. Once you list your aircraft offline in various publications such as your newspaper, aircraft magazines, around your airport in pilot lounges and in various trade publications, make sure to take full use of your online opportunities.

Facebook . If you have a Facebook account, chances are that you are in a group or have friends that are involved in aviation activities. Not only could these people be your next customer, but they can also help advertise your aircraft for you to their friends. Make sure to post on your wall, in your groups, and possible even purchase Facebook Ads to promote the sale of your aircraft.

Twitter . Twitter is growing in size and you can quickly find people interested in aviation topics that can help you advertise your aircraft for sale and potentially even purchase it. Get on Twitter and connect with people that are aviation specialist and have them help you promote your sale.

Email . Don't forget that your contacts list in your email program is full of people that mostly likely pilots, mechanics, flight instructors, etc. Send them an email and see if they are interested or know of anyone that is interested.

Classifieds Sites . Local sales sites have massive followers checking their sites daily for buy/sale goods. Be sure to advertise your aircraft for free on these sites and get more exposure.

Pay Per Click . You can pay for people to see your aircraft for sale on sites like, Yahoo and Bing. For a small fee per click, you can drive targeted traffic to your sale ad when people search Google for terms like "aircraft for sale", "used planes for sale", "where to buy airplanes", and just "planes". Be sure to set a budget daily so that you are not spending more then what your plane is worth to advertise to these people!

Posted in Transportation/Automotive Post Date 05/02/2017