Great Bras d'Or Rear Range light

On my first lap around Nova Scotia I somehow overlooked this light. Upon arriving home and checking my records I felt even worse after realizing it is Nova Scotia's tallest wooden lighthouse.

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Standing at a lofty height of forty-six feet, the Great Bras d'Or Rear Range light dwarfs all other wooden lighthouses in the province. The light was built in 1903 for less than $1000 and has stood the test of time, only having some minor modifications made during the past 107 years.

My trip to the Bras d'Or light was a long one, having searched for it without success during my first trip to Cape Breton I was determined to find it during my next. The long stretch past Seal Island into Bras d'Or Lake is home to five different lighthouses: Point Aconi, Black Rock Point, Great Bras d'Or Front and Rear Range lights, and finishing with the McNeil Beach light. Man of War lighthouse used to be the sixth on the trip inland but it was cut in half and moved in 2001.

When looking specifically for the Great Bras d'Or Rear Range light all you need to do is follow the road to the old ferry. Though the ferry is long since destroyed, Big Bras d'Or Ferry Road still exists. After turning down the road one can drive right up to the old ferry launch and check out the ruins, which are visible on both sides of the passage. From the sight of the old ferry the light is clearly visible on the left due to it's height. Though a road does exist to take visitors right up to the light, be sure to ask the local residents as you have to drive through their property to get there.

Standing at the base of this wooden light evokes a different feeling than any other pepper-shaker light. Having seen so many lights in the standard Nova Scotia style, I was excited to witness what is essentially the same thing only three times the size.

For me, seeing "record holding" lights like the Great Bras d'Or Rear Range is a necessity when visiting the lights of Nova Scotia. The massive scale of this beacon puts the size of all others in perspective, and sadly reminds me of theminuscule averagesize of the province's lights.

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