6 Effective Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging can be a great way to earn online income and since the trend has become so popular amongst bloggers over the past few years, it is yet another reason to set up your own blog to generate online income.

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How much you make through blogging totally depends on the amount of time you dedicate to your blog, amount of interactive and interesting content you put up and the kind of opportunities you utilize to help increase visitors to your blog.

There are many ways to monetize your blog, some of which are mentioned below.

Sign Up for a Paid Advertisement Program

Many PPC programs or Pay-per-click programs pay you for each ad clicked through your blog. These Ads are placed on your blog through PPC programs and when your blog visitors click these links or ads, you are paid for it. Google AdSense is a very good example of such a PPC program.

Join an Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to generate income through your blog. To become an affiliate marketer you need to place links of other sites products and services on your blog and recommend them to your visitors. You can then earn commission on each sale that is initiated through your recommendation.

It is a great way to monetize your blog, as there are many sites on the internet that will pay commission for promoting their products.

Paid Product Reviews and Sponsored Blog Posts

You can write product reviews for different companies and place them on your blog. Such companies tend to pay bloggers for writing reviews about their services and product offerings. You can also place paid posts on your blog about special themes that various sites want you to write on and place on your blog.

Use your RSS Feeds and Social Media Icons Smartly

You need to place social networking sites icons on your blog that will enable easy sharing of your post on these social media sites. Twitter has a plugin that allows following of tweets, accounts and sharing of blog posts. You can use it to sell your space on a sharing basis. You can show Google Ads in your Blogs RSS feeds through a tool provided by Google AdSense and monetize your blog.

Create and Sell Custom Merchandise

Although a traditional way of earning money but this practice has a lot of potential for monetizing your blog effectively. You can place images of your products with blog logo and theme on them and sell them easily. Many sites help you with developing your custom merchandise like shirts and mugs with your blogs logo on it by simply uploading your logo image. They also handle production and shipping. This is a great way to earn money through your blog.

Adding Custom Search to your Blog

Adding custom search to your blog will help increase more site visitors and you can also place related Ads along with the custom search. You will be paid for each click or ad viewed by a visitor.

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