2013 Event Schedule

Here's a list of my scheduled running and extreme races for 2013, The February races are the only one's unconfirmed at the moment, though I'm leaning towards the event on the 3rd in Bookham, this will be confirmed in the next two weeks. I've done my best to get the right balance of training time and actual competitive races where I find myself running far better times. There's more to training for these type of events than just running and doing pull ups, balance is key.

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-February 2nd or 3rd: Richmond park or Bookham Off road race both of these are 10k.
-March 10th:'Major Series' obstacle run (Kent)
-March 23rd: Sussex Coastal Series Marathon off Road (Eastbourne)
-June 8th: Tough Mudder (South Coast)

Worlds Toughest Mudder Winter 2013 USA(Provisional)
(qualification isnecessary to compete at the WTM, minimum requirement is to finishin the top 5% in the June Tough Mudder)

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