Staying in Touch with Split Family

Corporate transfers/transitions sometimes force people to think out of the box to find solutions to meet the needs of everyone in a household.

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Regardless of the reasons school, spousal career, aging parent families that relocate may need to occasionally consider living separately for a period of months or even a year. The children can move with the relocating spouse or stay behind. The situation poses a unique challenge but one that can be overcome with planning.

While there is no substitute for the convenience and intimacy that face-to-face time provides with ones family, there are alternative ways to cope with or surmount these issues. First of all, have a discussion with your spouse. Share expectations with one another about responsibilities, plans for visits, and expenditures. Create a plan as to how decisions will be made. Discuss the situation with your children, so they are aware that this is a temporary plan that is necessary and in the best interest of the family.

Keep the lines of communication open. Technology makes it easy to communicate with loved ones across the country or even globally. Cell phones and text messages are effective forms of communicating as are regular planned phone conversations.

Web cams have become standard on many laptops, or they can be purchased as an inexpensive accessory for desktop computers. Families may keep in touch using the universal Skype with video broadcasting.If both parties do not have a webcam, you can use Skype to Skype to make free phone calls.

Social media platforms are popular communications tools that enable people to stay connected across the miles. Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Google+ are commonly used to share events or to broadcast news and family photos to friends and relatives.

Select a book with your child and read it to them using online video. The Pentagon created a program for troops overseas to read storybooks directly to their children via videophone.

People whose sons and daughters we're born when they we're abroad will talk about how their children recognized their voices in a room full of crowded people because they had heard them read every night, even while they we're away, reports Commentary. For parents, it's reassuring to know they can still read that bedtime story to their son or their little girl.

Email or regular mail can be just as effective! In this digital age, emails, cards, letters or pictures are still a welcome form of communication that allows loved ones to know you are top of mind. Think of how special you still feel when you get a card, photo or homemade gift or drawing from one of your children in the mail.

Digital picture frames are a terrific way to keep family photos up to date. Send photos electronically to one another and update them in your photo frame.

Plan a trip. Arrange for the family to visit during a school break or holiday in those first few months away if your finances will allow it. This will give you something to look forward to after moving away to a new location, and it will remind everyone that family is only a flight or a drive away. Children and adults alike need physical connection to sustain the relationship.

Locate activities of interest to your family in the new location area museums, local or national parks, theater, festivals, or minor league sporting events. Most have family-friendly rates or programs some are even free. This way, you can create interest in your new location and share a little information about the place where you are living.

If your company provides funds for return trips consider scheduling trips home around special events such as anniversaries, birthdays or events at the childrens school.

Take time for each other. When you are together, make sure to plan couple time a walk or a short date to discuss non-business topics. It can be reassuring for children to see their parents take time for each other. Likewise, schedule family time so everyone can reconnect and enjoy the interactions as a family unit.

Our world has expanded it's ideals and created this new concept that families can live apart successfully. Technology along with a little planning and strong sense of family can make the transition easier on everyone.


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