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We love activity. We are always on the lookout for efficiency and improvements that will give us tangible results. We buy newer, prettier computers. We roam the aisles of hardware stores looking to upgrade our doorknobs and light fixtures. Emails, texting, phone calls and important meetings deluge us. We spend time and money on things we believe will satisfy us.

Our activity and schedules make us feel important. There is always something else to do or buy. Activity and it's accompanying adrenaline rush can be addictive. Prayer, meditation and self-examination, on the other hand, represent the non-rushed hidden life (going within)--those things we do in secret.

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While it is easy to get the virtues of dedication and hard work, it is not as easy to get the value of the hidden life. Hidden life activity can seem counter productive a time waster. We may very well hear one say, "I'm not a contemplator, I'm made for action!"

It is a difficult task to commit to the hidden world, but studies show that we will work better when we pray or meditate first, and when we do ongoing self-examination for the purpose of improved relationships and growth. An added benefit of this inner growth is that some long held dysfunctional eating and sleeping patterns can also begin to release.

Prayer and meditation soothes, comforts and connects us with our true self. It gives us a moment to become free from earthly hindrances and to have our hope renewed. We are more prone to become thankful people when we've taken time to step back to appreciate our achievements and the achievements of others. Fostering the hidden life grants us a better sense of direction in order to move forward in confidence in many of lifes directions.

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