How To Create A Marketing Plan

Producing an effective marketing plan is a bit like growing vegetables. You can't simply throw seeds down anywhere and hope for the best, because you may only get a few good crops. Prepare the ground properly, fertilize the soil and water your seeds and you have a much better chance of harvesting an abundance of healthy produce.

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Your business needs that special attention and nurturing so that it flourishes in the right way. Ask yourself a simple question: How do I want my business to grow in the next year and what vital ingredients are needed to initiate change?

A good marketing strategy combined with a thorough and well organised business plan is your company's instruction manual and the key to it's success.

Your plan is a tool to refer to when you feel like you are vering off track, checking it on a weekly basis will keep you on course. As you follow your plan, you can simply map your performance against monthly sales reports and monitor your progress. Small and medium sized companies should be thinking about planning for the next 6 to 12 months ahead. In today's market things change quickly, staff come and go and technology evolves, so planning too far in advance can be almost impossible. For larger companies a 2 to 4 year plan can be more appropriate, but will involve more work. I still believe that it is best to concentrate on the year ahead.

Writing and developing the plan is the longest part and you should ideally allow yourself a couple of months to collect all the relevant information and decide which strategies will have the best results. This is if you are starting from scratch, although I know that many of you will have ideas and plans running around your heads without a way of retrieving them and using them effectively.

The writing and building process can be extremely challenging especially if it means facing some major obstacles. However, it will provide you with a refreshing and positive perspective of your company and will support it's growth.

Your marketing plan should involve as many people as possible. It is a source for everyone in your company, whether there are two of you or two hundred, it is important to get feedback from every part of your business. So in addition to the sales and marketing team, you should address Customer Services, HR, IT and so on. These key people can influence what is and isn't possible to achieve and will help you to determine the most suitable ways to reach your goals. You'll be so surprised what ideas and potential people have when asked. If you're a one man band then you'll have to get your thinking cap on, but it's always good to run ideas past close friends and piers within your industry.

Have you fused your business plan together with your marketing strategy? Your business plan sets out your visions and aspirations. It determines your main goals as well as highlighting was isn't on offer or obtainable. The marketing strategy sits within your business plan and the two should go hand in hand - if one changes, the other should reflect these shifts.

Although the thought of tackling problem areas or thinking of innovative ways to market your business can be daunting, the process is rewarding. After a few years of writing marketing plans, you will feel relaxed and accustomed to developing the plan and using it as a stepping stone to success!

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